Who We Are

Hamara Internet, literally meaning “Our Internet”, is a pioneer campaign by Digital Rights Foundation that seeks to acknowledge the increasing trends of eVAW and technology-related abuse, and to build a movement to promote a free and secure digital environment where women can participate freely. Through awareness-raising workshops, technical trainings, and dissemination of digital security kits, it aims to build women’s capacity to respond to increasing trend of digital abuse and eVAW.

What We Do

Because the Internet means so much to us and you, we endeavor to change the way Pakistanis even think about Internet itself. While many elders are still skeptical of the Internet, and instruct their children, especially their daughters to not spend too much time on the Internet, we want all of you to stop treating the Internet as the devil and start treating it more like a tool that you can choose to kill that devil. Just like a knife can be used both for killing someone or for cutting a slice of bread and we never blame the knife, but the user, just like that the Internet is merely a tool – and a powerful tool it is.

We don’t ask the women to come out of their homes and start screaming for their rights. Because, they are never going to do this. There are certain social pressures that prevent them from making their struggle too mainstream. Most of them are secluded in their homes after marriage and don’t have many opportunities to intermingle with the community. So telling them to get out of their comfort zone is not feasible at all. Therefore, we at Hamara Internet believe in adopting a more practical approach to fighting for the rights of women.

The struggle for gender rights will take a new form with Hamara Internet, online. We will conduct digital security seminars, awareness-raising campaigns and workshops throughout Pakistan to make Pakistani women realize their true potential online.