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ہمارا انٹرنیٹ اور سوشل میڈیا قوانین

By Sumaira Ashraf Rajput پاکستان کی موجودہ حکومت اور بااختیارادارے مثبت رپورٹ مانگنے سے لیکر 'سب اچھا ہو یا نہیں لیکن سب اچھا دکھانے' کی...

OSINT and Privacy Concerns

By Ambreen Shabbir The internet has forayed into almost all aspects of human life. While it has rendered life easier, it also has a downside. The...

The popular Hand Gesture, helped domestic violence victims to seek help

By Zeenat The hand gesture was created by the Canadian Women’s Foundation as a “Signal for Help” for those who are in danger or trouble. The...

Workplace Harassment in Pakistan

By Naurah Khurshid According to the UN, harassment is “any improper and unwelcome conduct that might reasonably be expected or be perceived to cause offence...

Data Localization Laws, Freedom and Digital Pakistan

By Nimra Ishfaq The internet is usually glorified as ‘the flattener’ of inequalities and ‘the microphone for the masses’. While 62 percent of the global...

Dedicated Fact Checkers Face an Uphill Fight in Pakistan’s Treacherous (Fake) News Landscape

By Areeba Fatima Not more than 3 years old, Pakistan’s nascent fact checking websites are facing a barrage of misinformation. Fake news has resulted in...

Women led Online Businesses

By Anmol Irfan After graduating from the College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTHM) in Lahore amidst the pandemic last year and spending 6 months...

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