Accounts hacked via social engineering

I am usually a very careful person and I had my accounts set to two step verification. However, on the night of 31st December 2015, I received a message from my college friend who said she needed to sign into my account to use it for some college assignment that needed social media. Initially I gave her the password but then she asked me for the login code for my Google account. Without thinking, I forwarded it to her and immediately regretted it but it was too late. My account was gone. I tried reporting it to Google numerous times but no use. This hacker also hacked the accounts of my other friends the same way and started blackmailing them. One of my friends was very traumatized by his threats.

This hacker said that if we want our accounts back, we have to meet him in person but so far none of us have agreed to his demands and he is still targeting girls from our group. At least 4 girls have been affected. I have tried speaking up about it but the others are very scared of the blackmail. One of us tried to get an FIR on him but he threatened her very badly. I had had this account for many years. Many of my other accounts are still connected to it. It seems like we have no hope of ever getting our accounts back now.

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