eVAW to Silence

Being a busy young professional, I am not as active on social media as I used to be. However I am politically liberal and not afraid of speaking up when something warrants it. One such time was when a prominent religious political party tried to use a photo of the dead body of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi on its fundraising banner. I definitely believe this crossed a line and I said so when I shared the image of the banner–I do not look kindly upon any people who use the dead bodies of their children to fund their own rise to political power. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of the members of this political party have no such moral qualms; I began getting threats immediately after I posted this on Facebook. One such defender of the political party even threatened to track me down and rape and murder me if I ever posted anything negative about this political party again. This was very strange, because in the past I’ve openly criticized a number of pillars of the Establishment but never met such a vicious response. It also made me angry and twice as determined to speak up online. I have as much right to digital public space as other citizens of Pakistan. I am going to take up this space, threats or no threats.

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