Identity Theft through Fake IDs

I am a girl studying B.Sc Economics at IM Sciences Peshawar. I would like to share my story of cyber harassment. This year my university friends informed me that had received friend requests from an Facebook ID having my name. Furthermore, a few of posts from my original Facebook ID were shared to that fake ID. I got panicked and had many sleepless nights. But during this time a few things clicked in my mind which brought me close enough to the identities of those culprits.

Firstly, my  status and posts were shared to that fake ID which meant that the culprit existed in my friend list. Unfortunately, I could not view who shared my posts as I didn’t receive any notification. Secondly, the friend requests were sent to my university friends and even to those who had left the institution at the first month of first semester. My sister who studied at the same institution and is a senior also received threatening and vulgar messages. My school and college friends were not sent requests. Hence it proved that the person was either my class fellow or any other friend in this institute. Moreover, as I didn’t upload any photo of mine on Facebook so fortunately no pics were leaked.

What made me embarrassed and depressed was the vulgarity posted on that ID through statuses and videos which reflected the poor mentality and the high proportion of profanity in them. I had never experienced such harassment. I go to university all covered, that is, I cover my face and wear abaya. In spite of this I felt vulnerable, bullied and unprotected at the institute. The reason behind not telling my parents was that I never intended to increase their worries as I had left no edge on my getup and behavior. I had no personal grudges with anyone so it made this further complicated.

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