If you currently find yourself in a situation where you cyber security is at risk, please read on to understand what are some necessary steps you can take to secure yourself digitally.

Whenever any one of us goes through a traumatic experience online, the tendency can be to retreat and/or completely vanish online. As painful and scary certain experiences can be – it is never worth it to totally abandon your space online. For as we’ve said once and we say again, and again, and again: This is Hamara Internet. We as women and girls have a right to the online spaces just as much as any man. It is so that we’ve assembled a checklist of things you can do in order to reclaim your space online in case of an emergency.


Take a deep breathe & think:

One of the first things to do upon being hacked is to calm down and think as to why the hack may have happened. Think of the reasons this hack may have been made possible. Meaning that as there are a multitude of reasons as to why a hack may happen – it is always good to pinpoint the source. If your email got hacked – it could be due to the fact that you sent or received spam email, or even downloaded malware attachments without checking if these files were safe or not.

Reset Passwords & Notify:

Right after you get hacked please reset your passwords right away, especially if your login details are shared for multiple accounts or if you have connected accounts. Furthermore make sure to notify as many people within your circle of family and friends that you have been hacked. This is important because if the hackers wreak havoc through email and social media accounts – it is important that your contacts know that this is not you. Secondly informing your contacts is also beneficial for your hacked social media accounts, so your friends can help report your account on these sites – which then can get them blocked.

Update & Scan:

It is always a good thing to update and scan your devices even after the hack has taken place, this is because it inform you if your hack was made possible through a malware, also because almost all malware is installed by us unknowingly. Furthermore once you have managed to recover your account, make sure to check if any of your personal information has been changed – this could’ve been done so the hackers could get right back in, and this time round without raising any suspicion.

Recover your account:

Almost all email and social media sites have an option to recover your account through various tool in case your account gets hacked. This often requires you being able to answer certain questions that verify your identity. Here’s how to do account recovery on Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo.

Magic Trick Cards

Below are your very own magic trick cards that show you how to banish the trolls and dark forces that demonize your internet experience. These cards are the cyber taweez we pass onto you: Keep calm and reclaim these spaces for yourselves Queens!

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