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Hamara Internet is all about YOU and your right to use the Internet free from harassment, surveillance, or other digital threats. A project of the Digital Rights Foundation, driven by Night Dad,  we aim to empower women and girls to thrive in digital space and learn to defend themselves in an increasingly Internet-connected world.

Our team of digital defenders routinely holds digital security training workshops throughout Pakistan. When we’re not venturing out into the virtual spaces, we’re busy building tools and resources for you to use to protect your safety online.

Putting eVAW on the Map


We’re documenting all eVAW incidents that happen in Pakistan. Join the project.

Emergency Help: the Crisis Center


Are you in trouble? Head to the Crisis Center ASAP!

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آپ کے خیال میں مفت تعلیم، منصفانہ سماعت اورمساوی سلوک بلا امتیاز رنگ، مذہب و نسل جیسے حقوق کہاں سے اخذ کیے گئے ہیں؟پاکستان کے آئین سے۔یہ وہ حقوق ہیں جو آئین کے حصہ دوم، باب ایک میں دیے گئے ہیں،جسے بنیادی حقوق کا باب بھی کہا جاتا ہے۔
Where does it say that you, as a Pakistani citizen, have the right to free education, right to fair trial, and that you will not be discriminated against on the basis of your faith and gender? The constitution. These are the rights that are guaranteed in Part II, Chapter One of the constitution. These are OUR fundamental rights.
Shehri Pakistan is pleased to announce this as the first animation in a series on constitutional literacy in collaboration with the State Body: National Commission of Human Rights (NCHR), which was founded under NCHR Act 2012. It is dedicated to promoting awareness of fundamental rights that every citizen has in Pakistan and we are proud to partner with them in achieving our shared goals.
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آپ کے خیال میں مفت تعلیم، منصفانہ سماعت اورمساوی سلوک بلا امتیاز رنگ، مذہب و نسل جیسے حقوق کہاں سے اخذ کیے گئے ...

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