Women’s Action Forum is dismayed at the lack of seriousness by the government in appointing the Chairperson to the NCSW, whose term ended on December 31 st 2015. The process for appointing the new chairperson duly started in July 2015 came to an incomprehensible standstill in January 2016. The term of all Commission members has also ended. WAF is appalled that despite the summary having been moved to the PM’s office the NCSW is still without a Chair.

The NCSW is a statutory body established through an Act of Parliament in response to a felt need for a watchdog body that would ensure that women’s rights are promoted and protected and ensuring women’s empowerment.

WAF cannot understand the reasons for this inexcusable delay. WAF calls upon the Women’s parliamentary caucus to take this matter up on a priority basis and demands that the government appoint the Chairperson and Commission members forthwith.