Below are a few digital security applications can that help your experience be safer than ever before.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for your computer

Not having anti-malware on your computer is like choosing not to buy mosquito terminating coils. Those coils, (bless them) are cheap, effective and reliable. More reliable than your sibling, who never came back with that cup of chai!


This is the same metaphor that can be used for computers – you need to protect your space. For if you don’t, the viruses and creeps will be able to lay siege in your system and feast on your blood, sweat and tears.


Therefore using tools such as Malwarebytes Anti-malware is so important and effective. This program detects and removes different kinds of malware, spyware and even adware from your computer. It even has a free version – which you can pay for if you want premium feature. You can also choose other anti-virus tools, just make sure to know they come from a trusted source.



DJ Khaled right now is the only person who wants to see your succeed and he says you should use KeePass.

If you are on the web and have multiple accounts on various websites and social networks, you know what is the hardest thing to do; remembering all your passwords. With KeePass, you don’t have to do that anymore. It is a free open-source password manager wherein you can put all your passwords in one database which is locked with one master key so you only have to remember one password. It is also portable and can be carried on a USB device.

It is utterly important to never reuse same passwords on multiple sites as it poses great security and privacy threats. Major websites like Dropbox have been hacked using reused passwords. Create strong, unique password for every site you sign up for and use a password manager like Keepass.

Try TextSecure

TextSecure is a free Android app that lets you encrypt the message you send if the recipient has the same app installed on his/her mobile device. This helps you to avoid data surveillance, and did we mention it’s free?


Install Tor Browser

With Tor, you can browse online anonymously and visit all sites that are censored by PTA. Apart from PTA-banned websites, you can also browse online content that may be considered sensitive or might threaten your identity. Tor Browser encrypts all the incoming and outgoing traffic which is then routed through several anonymous nodes before you are connected to your preferred site. It is available for free for Windows and Android. From banned websites and journalistic research to pleasure surfing, Tor provides a secure option to browse without leaving your tracks online.


Finally check out this survey developed by SimpliSafe to see how vulnerable you are. After you do that, don’t forget to read the Hamara Internet guidebook to know more about how you can be a digital warrior Maharani.