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Hamara Internet is all about YOU and your right to use the Internet free from harassment, surveillance, or other digital threats. A project of the Digital Rights Foundation, driven by Night Dad,  we aim to empower women and girls to thrive in digital space and learn to defend themselves in an increasingly Internet-connected world.

Our team of digital defenders routinely holds digital security training workshops throughout Pakistan. When we’re not venturing out into the virtual spaces, we’re busy building tools and resources for you to use to protect your safety online.

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6 months ago

Hamara Internet

Check the comments under this article and you will know how toxic people make our online spaces toxic for us, especially women."I have qualms about a man suing his former wife, who is wheelchair bound, for Rs10 million. If it was merely a case lodged against her, without the money, perhaps my view would be different."

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9 months ago

Hamara Internet

Given the ever-evolving nature of the internet and the changing nature of online harassment, it is taking on newer manifestations of late. DRF’s Cyber Harassment Helpline has gotten a range of cases over the past year and will continue to highlight these changing threats through its awareness campaigns.

We have been alerted to the fact that several Facebook pages promising weight loss and dietary tips are engaging in harassment and blackmailing. These pages, under the pretext of providing weight loss advice, ask for photo-graphs of people’s figures in order to give them advice. Leaving aside the matter of how good nutritional advice cannot be dispensed based on photographs of one’s figure, these pictures constitute personal information, which when provided to these page owners puts people in danger. These pictures have been used to blackmail and harass several women, at times forcing them to provide even more pictures as a result. While the form of harassment in this case is unique, it is still harassment through deception and manipulating the trust of followers.

We would request you to make informed choices on the internet. Before sharing your pictures and personal information with someone, or a page, please consider:

- Could somebody use this to hurt me?
- Will I be upset if someone shared this with others?
- Would I share this with people offline?

If you find yourself being blackmailed or if your personal information has been breached, please know that there is help. Contact DRF’s Cyber Harassment Helpline through our toll-free number [0800-39393] everyday from 9 am to 5 pm or email at [].
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