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About Us

Hamara Internet is a campaign focusing on the increasing trends of eVAW and technology-related abuse. The goal of Hamara Internet is to make the internet a safe and inclusive space for all, especially women and gendered minorities, and to build a movement to promote a free and secure digital environment. Through Hamara Internet our team of digital defenders routinely hold online safety workshops throughout Pakistan and run social media awareness campaigns. The campaign is solely focused on creating awareness around digital rights in the country and including voices from Pakistan around big tech issues across the globe.

Considering Gendered Implications When Drafting Data Protection Law in Pakistan

By Hija Kamran Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) acknowledges the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom...

Beyond Populism: The Power of Political Invisibility

By Shehreen Umair The past decade has seen a sharp spike in the number of populist...

The popular Hand Gesture, helped domestic violence victims to seek help

By Zeenat The hand gesture was created by the Canadian Women’s Foundation as a “Signal for Help”...

Missing Emotions

By Sidra Altaf In various nations where essential privileges and administrations are woefully deficient, we have...

لڑکی ہاتھ سے نکل گئی

By Mahnoor Qureshi Women are being harassed and degraded in our society in multiple ways. The...

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