The Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Act, 2011

The Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Act, 2011 (Criminal Law Second Amendment Act, 2011) made amendments in Pakistan Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code to punish perpetrators of acid crimes by clearly including acid crimes in the definition of “hurt”. The definition now includes “hurt by dangerous means or substance, including any corrosive substance or acid to be crimes”.


To the Offender

Through an amendment in Section 336­B of Pakistan Penal code, Punishment of offenders under this Act can extend up to life imprisonment. The Act makes it mandatory for the offender to pay a fine which may not be less than five hundred thousand rupees.

To the Seller

There is also a punishment for unauthorized sellers. This is:

  1. On first conviction, imprisonment of one year or a fine of a hundred thousand rupees or both;
  2. On second and subsequent conviction, imprisonment of two years or a fine of two hundred thousand or both.