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This section contains useful information that’s always good to have on hand when tackling cyber harassment. Whenever you feel in need of answers, visit us here and we hopefully will be able to direct you to the right solution.

Sexual Harassment Laws
This section contains outlines of laws dealing with sexual harassment, reporting procedures, and possible punishments. It also includes amendments to this laws.
Gender-based Violence
This section contains outlines laws and amendments directly relevant to acts of gender-based violence.
Marriage & Divorce Laws
This section contains laws regarding laws and rights applicable to women and girls when it comes to dealing with marital problems. It also includes amendments to this laws.
Laws Against Domestic Violence
This section contains laws and amendments directly relevant to acts of prohibition of domestic violence across Pakistan.
Women's Rights
This section outlines laws that deal with other aspects of women’s rights, such as property and inheritance laws.
Books & Publications
Hamara Internet publishes resources for ordinary netizens, students, jouranlists, and budding activists. Use this to educate yourself and others.
Reporting to the FIA
This section outlines how one can report online harassment to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Pakistan.
The Art of Digital Security for Pakistani Women
Download our guidebook specially made for Pakistani women. This guidebook is available in English and Urdu.