Bridging the Gender Digital Divide


Protection (1)

Protection against Digital Abuse

To protect women against cyber harassment and to promote better understanding of using safe and secure Internet.

Capacity Building (1)

Capacity Building

To enable women to make their mark on the Internet and be more active on social media, in turn empowering women to embrace the online space and showcase their talent.

Equitable Access (1)

Equitable Access to ICTs

To fight for equitable access to Information and Communication Technologies in Pakistan.

Digital Literacy (1)

Fostering Digital Literacy

To provide women with the right tools to express themselves with on the Internet and make them digital-savvy so that not only can they themselves utilize the digital space properly but also help their friends and families with it.

Inclusivity (1)

Making Internet Governance Inclusive

To set up a new paradigm in Pakistan of Internet governance in Pakistan by making women engage in political discussions with regards to the development of Internet with the terms of fairness, inclusion and respect for women’s rights.

Advocacy (1)

Networking for Advocacy

To partner with media organizations in Pakistan in order to raise awareness around the digital rights of women and advocate for a more women-friendly Internet.