The Hamara Internet Manifesto

Why We Do What We Do

We do what we do because we know that the Internet has liberated our lives and of so many others, and we want the same for all women in Pakistan. As a largely marginalized segment of the society, we want to enable a platform for women to finally voice their dissent online. Women are much more than pretty hosts in talkshows who just know how to make a conversation without actually knowing anything. Women are intellectuals, scientists, business leaders and entrepreneurs too and we want Hamara Internet to act as inspiration for these women to make them realize their dreams through the Internet.

As such, Hamara Internet wants to open up a new chapter in the struggle for women’s rights in Pakistan by addressing the one element that many campaigns previously had ignored; Internet. As telecom service providers and Internet companies are providing more and more features and making the Internet cheaper every day, more and more people are embracing faster broadband Internet and even trying on mobile Internet. With the coming of 3G & 4G in Pakistan, many people are now online round the clock, which has given their productivity a massive boost by making them getting things done faster and more efficiently. It has also made online education, which is mostly for free, possible wherever you are.

Against their backdrop, Pakistan has a massive opportunity to finally do wonders for the plight of women by making them utilize the Internet to improve their skills and education and contribute more to the economy. And they don’t have to rely on men to feed themselves and to clothe themselves. Hamara Internet invites them to take control of their lives, and to be online entrepreneurs. The Internet offers infinite opportunities to be successful and it’s time the Pakistani women start considering the open door.

The Internet is an essential tool that provides a way for women to get access to the wider world — the world of networks, communities, health and education information, financial advice and business skills training. It’s a platform for women to seek help where they need it, so helping to redress the gender imbalance and foster the empowerment of women.

Pakistani Women can also play an important part in the economic sphere of the country if important steps would have been taken to prevent different forms of harassment which are pervasive in the society. Pakistan is a country which has benefited from the advances in technology. There have been a lot of technological breakthroughs in the past few years which have made it easier for people to get connected. The Internet has been a treasure trove of knowledge and made our lives easier. Unfortunately all good things come with a price. The price is cyber stalking, harassment, blackmailing which is slowly becoming the norm within the country.

Even in cities educated families who give access to ICTs to their young girls, restrict the access if they find out that the harassment is happening. Due to the fear of losing access to ICTs, women do not often speak about cyber harassment to their families. Awareness about using secure and safe Internet and ICTs is not common in Pakistan especially among young women and girls.