Are you being harassed? Use our interactive checklist to find out what steps you need to take.
You can file a formal complaint with your supervisor or inquiry committee through your supervisor, CBA (union) nominee or worker representative (in case of absence of union). To file a sexual harassment complaint, you have three options.

1 Report the incident to the Inquiry Committee within your organization. (Section 4)
2Report directly to Federal/Provincial Ombudsman, appointed under this act. (Section 8)
3Report directly to Police (under Section 509 of PPC).

What If I Am Not Satisified With the Result?

If you are not satisfied with decision of inquiry committee and competent authority (of your organization), you can appeal to Ombudsperson or a District Court (in case, Ombudsperson are not appointed). If you are still not satisfied with the decision made by the Ombudsperson/District Court, you can make a representation to President or Governor for justice. It must be kept in mind that the option to appeal is available to all parties (both, the accused and the victim, can appeal against decisions)